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Manuka + Propolis Lozenges ( Pack Wt 50gms)

Bee & Bee Manuka + Propolis Lozenges Pack 100 Nos per pack ( Pack Wt 500gms)

Yummy Pure Manuka Honey with Propolis ( Helps maintain immune system)

Propolis : Is a resinous material produced by Bees with Bioactive plant & tree resin compound which they collect while foraging for Nectar & Pollen. Its an effective Antioxidant. New Zealand Propolis is known for Higher levels of these Bioactives. … Continue readingManuka + Propolis Lozenges ( Pack Wt 50gms)

Bee Wax Hive Candles(Bundle of 3 Pairs)

Bee & Bee Natural & Beautiful , surprisingly Tough Bee Wax Hive Candles.

Our insanely cute Beehive Beeswax Candle is molded to resemble an old-fashioned wicker skep. Beautiful form and a pleasant natural honey scent make The Beeswax  beehive candle is perfect for every Bee lover.


Large Beehive: 10 cm Height and 8 cm at the base and Weights: 270g

  … Continue readingBee Wax Hive Candles(Bundle of 3 Pairs)

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