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Packed with Tender Loving Care and exceptional attention to Nature’s Quality in the Beautifully Pristine, Sunny, Ocean Kissed Northland Ranges of New Zealand…. oooh that’s too long a sentence! But that’s the fact.

Our Story hehe; It all started with my little daughter’s enthusiasm with Two Bees in our backyard and Bee Hives when exploring the regions of Northland ranges. As the exploration continues, we find ourselves immersed in Bee life , Bee language and understanding Bee’s vital link to pollination which sustains the green earth. Thus  Bee & Bee began its journey and now comes Online, as to sustainably share New Zealand’s Wonder Food ” Manuka Honey ” and a variety of health & goodness Products with the world . Bee & Bee is proud that it originates wholesomely from the pristine lands of Northland New Zealand & carries the authenticity to the world with great responsibility. Bee & Bee is associated with a group of Bee Keeping Professionals/ Enthusiasts and Nature lovers of Northland. Bee Keeping , sustenance of the Manuka Trees & Forest ranges Organically, Sustainably & Ethically is the Core.
White Manuka
White Manuka

So what’s all the Buzzz about? What is Manuka?

Its Scientific name is Leptospermum Scoparium and commonly known in Maori as Manuka. Typically 2 to 6 Mtrs tall, with small white flowers and occasionally pink or red. Blossoms for a short six weeks during the early spring (Sept – Oct) on the coast of Northland New Zealand. Sometimes Hives & Keepers are Heli-dropped off in the deep inaccessible Manuka Forests. The Nectar & Pollen of Manuka flower is a favorite of the Bees. Honey produced by Bees where the Manuka Blooms contain MethylGlyoxal or MGO, a naturally occurring antibacterial along with Hydrogen Peroxide another antibacterial component which occurs in all Honey. The MethylGlyoxal (MGO) is what makes the Manuka Honey such a unique Honey. team uses Ethical, Bee Friendly, Ecologically responsible practices to collect this wonderful gift from Nature. Read more

Manuka Honey; Nature’s own Organic “Wonder Food” is the most researched and studied Honey for its unique properties. Bee & Bee Manuka Honey is a fantastic Breakfast spread, Sweetener. Also added to Salads, Yogurt & Smoothies. It’s also taken with various spices like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Garlic or Warm Milk, Water & Lemon / Orange Juice too. We just take a Teaspoon full every day… It was used to heal various illnesses in many cultures since time immemorial and is continued to be used even today. When taken orally, can help ease Sore Throat, Prevent Cold & flu like symptoms too, as research shows. It’s great for Diet control & could maintain Oral Hygiene. It is said to heal cuts & burns when applied on skin as per many research papers published. The Egyptians, Romans, Mayans, Africana’s, Oceania, Indians, Chinese swore by Honey where it has been the mainstay of traditional medicine. Rudolph Steiner the renowned Social reformer said ”Nothing is better for the Human Being than to add the right amount of Honey to his food”. Bee & Bee Manuka Honey leads the pack, Modern medicine is catching up with these facts now. Read more…

The Very Isolation of New Zealand or Aotearoa has gifted it a beautiful and unique Flora & Fauna.

Marvellous Soil, Water & Air quality nourish and pamper the Natural environment across the length & breadth of New Zealand.    In these environs, grow the endemic & fabled MANUKA tree which is highly prized by the Bees and Man equally for its Rich/Nourishing, Medicinal properties. The Manuka Nectar is an Elixir in itself. Manuka has been used by generations in our beautiful Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is a Tuanga ( Treasure) in Maori culture. The Manuka Tree has numerous medicinal use, its bark & leaf extract is used to produce Balms, essential Oil and Tea too since ancient times by Kiwis. The tradition proudly continues to this day. The Manuka Trees of the Sunny Northern Ranges of New Zealand Blossom first compared to elsewhere in the Country.

Certified Manuka
Certified Manuka

Every Batch of Bee & Bee Manuka Honey is MGO Tested / Rated. Certified by New Zealand Government approved Labs for MGO/HDA/NPA/HMF, Tutin limits, Moisture Content limits. Its 100% Sustainably produced / bottled & Shipped from New Zealand. MGO Rating is the International Standard for Manuka Honey Grade. The higher the MGO value the higher the therapeutic value. Bee & Bee Manuka Honey is directly MGO Rated and Certified. Read more...

“” & our Time Honored Apiarists are passionate about Bees, Study Bee’s life & language, Have a deep understanding of the Natural requirement of Bees & play host to these very vital Bees. We Take meticulous care of the Bees to give them the best of housing and Cheerful healthy environs, checking on their health with ever so TLC. At Bee & Bee online; we advocate to protect the serenity & originality of the forest ranges to ensure the rich legacy continues.

  • hereby registers the deep indebtedness of Humanity & all living beings to the Beloved Bees. We need Bees because they’re the perfect pollinators provided by Nature. Thanks to Bees we at “Bee & Bee online” can bring our discerning Customers and Consumers a range of MANUKA HONEY and Bee Produce based Products. Again, Thanks to Bees, we all can enjoy a variety of produce, from the Kiwi fruit, fejoas, apples and pears to coffee , vanilla, Vegetables and even the Cotton clothes we wear. No wonder Bees have been voted The Most Important Living Beings on Earth today. urges your participation in making a better world by supporting our endevour to sustain Bee population across the Globe.

A Few Links are provided on the Sidebar; Only for Knowledge and as a Good Read. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions and further research. We thank the knowledge providers for the publishing and encourage further Research. only claims Manuka Honey is the most Glorious Food provided by Nature.

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