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Bee & Bee Launches Manuka Honey + Real Ginger 250gms.

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Ginger a native tuber h been extensively used because of its medicinal, Spicy Aromatic qualities since time immemorial. Usually Used as a Digestive in Natural Medicine and Curries in Asian cuisines along with other spices and herbs. Manuka Honey on the other hand is famed for the Methylglyoxal Content( a natural antibiotic), Bee & Bee brings you a beautifully blended combination of Natural raw Manuka Honey with 2% Raw Bush Ginger. The effect is an Awesome. We Call it GinMan. Its worth the money.

Author: beeandbee

Bee & Bee is a New Zealand based Company Producing / Marketing Manuka Honey and Bee wax based Candles, Wax paper, & Polish Products. Bee & Bee also produces/ markets Kanuka and Bush and Clover Honey products, Honey Candies, Honey based Soaps and Creams.

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